BMcompact WWTP

The SYCON®air biological tower is an efficient and compact industrial odour and gas filtration unit.

The organic percolator bed allows bacterial growth and is placed vertically inside the tower, thus ensuring the ideal removal of pollutants from the circulating gas (ammoniac, hydrogen sulphide, VOCs, mercaptans, etc.).

Each floor of the tower accommodates removable boxes, which are filled with organic filter bed (heather, coconut fibre, chip, etc.), thus allowing easy replacement after the end of life. The grates on the bottom of the boxes guarantee the free circulation of the gases inside the tower.

This tower does not use any chemical and the biological treatment is guaranteed by the humidity of the irrigation system, which keeps the percolating bed active. It’s, therefore, one of the most sustainable solutions in the market.


• Biological treatment without chemicals

• The only consumables are water and heather

• Low operating costs

• Low required space

• Partially operates in case of maintenance



• Removal of ammoniac, hydrogen sulphide, VOCs, mercaptans, among others

• Optimized according to the characteristics of the gas to be treated

• Tower volume varies between 50 and 200 m³

• Allows the modular installation of multiple towers in series or in parallel

• The tower can be equipped with monitoring and control systems in real time

• The percolator bed only needs replacement every 2-3 years


• Treatment of industrial gases and odours

• Treatment of industrial biogas or flue gases

• Treatment of gases and odours in waste water treatment plants (WWTP)