The Company

Bluemater’s main activities lay in wastewater, gas and drinking water treatment. We develop and commercialize leading-edge systems, provide technical assistance to our customers and assure the maintenance of the installed equipment. We focus on solutions that are innovative and effective, yet harmless to nature and humans.

BLUEMATER developed several biological treatment solutions for wastewater. These products use state of the art technology, applied in the most advanced systems to remove suspended solids. Our most advanced product is the ‘Algamater wastewater treatment plant’, which is specialised for leachate treatment and is currently the only WWTP that uses a biological treatment for wastewater from leachates effectively and eco-friendly. Our anticipated ‘cork floating islands’ show great potency to treat wastewater in ponds, rivers and dams in an easy, inexpensive, and biological way.

We also focus on the market for gas and odour treatment. Many industries emit stinking gasses during production, which have to be treated by law. Existing treatment systems use chemicals and produce leachates. Biological systems don’t have these problems, but are very ineffective. Bluemater’s solution offers best of both worlds with a system that doesn’t use chemicals, is very effective and doesn’t hurt the environment.


Bluemater operates from Porto, Portugal. We are able to sell and install our systems in almost any country. We guarantee that our products operate properly, are safe to use and meet the expectations and promises.