GREEN DUNE® Photobioreactor

GREEN DUNE® is a prismatic photobioreactor for microalgae culture that ensures a highly efficient final polishing at WWTP’s, bioremediation, CO2 capture or algae culture. It has been designed to offer a substantial treatment volume, while requiring significantly less space than cylindrical photobioreactors or pond systems. GREEN DUNE® is cost efficient to install and operate. It’s a modular system that can easily be placed side by side resulting in fields of bioreactors.

The GREEN DUNE® Photobioreactor is prismatic and highly efficient in WWTP effluent lines or in aquaculture of microalgae. It’s designed to optimize the treatment volume in smaller spaces when compared with cylindrical photobioreactors, and to improve the sun exposure.

The GREEN DUNE® Photobioreactor has been designed in a modular way and can be integrated into reactor fields to meet the treatment or cultivation needs of microalgae. These modules can also be integrated in line with aquaculture recycling systems, both for the treatment of fish waters and other aquatic species as well as to take advantage of the released nutrients to grow microalgae, in a process known as aquaponics.

The GREEN DUNE® Photobioreactor has low installation and operating costs, and can integrate existing or new wastewater treatment facilities.


  • Final biological tuning of wastewater by means of microalgae
  • Prismatic shape with small area and high volume
  • Reduced installation and operating costs compared to cylindrical photobioreactors
  • Modularity and easy integration into existing or to install systems
  • Use of microalgae biomass for various purposes, for example, biogas production, fertilizers, cosmetics, food for aquaculture, etc.

Technical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 1 m x 1 m x 0,8 m
  • Capacity: 490 l
  • Integrated hydraulic and pneumatic connections


  • Final refinement of leachate treatment from landfills, industrial and domestic wastewater
  • Removal of organic matter and nutrients
  • Removal of ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphorus and heavy metals
  • Removal of emerging pollutants, pesticides, drugs and other
  • Aquaculture of microalgae
  • Reuse of water
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