NATANTIA® Biocube is an innovative percolation filter media developed by Bluemater. It’s assembled in a modular way, ready to be placed in existing or new percolation towers. For an optimized operation we recommend to use it within Bluemater’s SYCON®water Biological Tower.

The NATANTIA® Biocube is an innovative percolation bed that allows high-quality biological treatment of landfill leachates, and industrial and domestic wastewaters. The biocube was designed to offer a maximum usable filtration area for biofilm fixation. The blades inside the cube ensure self-oxygenation and self-cleaning of the system. NATANTIA® biocubes can be installed in existing or new percolation towers, whether from BLUEMATER or from other operators. Biocubes should be implemented within Bluemater’s SYCON®water biological towers, which have a prismatic configuration suitable for optimizing their performance.


  • Polypropylene
  • Density: 0.95 g/cm³

Biocube 500N

  • Dimensions: 50x50x50 cm
  • 34,9 m²/biocube and 279,2 m²/m³
  • 42,7 kg/biocube and 341,6 kg/m³

Biocube 500L

  • Dimensions: 50x50x50 cm
  • 18,4 m²/biocube and 147,3 m²/m³
  • 32,9 kg/biocube and 263,2 kg


  • Biological treatment without chemicals
  • Filtration area optimized for biofilm fixation
  • High efficiency aerobic treatment
  • Reduced required area
  • Modular and easy to install

Technical Characteristics

  • Removal of COD, BOD5 and nitrogen
  • Allows modular integration of multiple cubes to fill percolation systems


  • Filling of the SYCON®water Biological Towerin the treatment of:
    • landfill leachate
    • industrial, domestic and municipal wastewater
  • Upgrade of existing biological reactors
  • Bioremediation of polluted waters
  • Aquaculture

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