SYCON®Compact Biological Tower

SYCON®compact Biological Tower is built in GRP and filled with the NATANTIA® Biocube. Its functioning is based on the percolation NATANTIA® Biocube, which removes water pollutants, such as ammonia, nitrates, phosphates, BOD5 and COD. It presents a low power consumption and maintenance, since the percolating system is self-cleaning.

The SYCON®compact Biological Tower is constructed of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) and filled with the NATANTIA® biocubes. The working principle is based on the fixing of a bacterial biofilm on the surface of the NATANTIA® biocubes, which removes pollutants from the water, such as BOD5, COD, ammonia, nitrites, phosphates and other pollutants. It has low energy consumption and low maintenance, since the percolator bed is self-cleaning. The effluent to be treated is pumped and distributed over the top surface of the biocubes by helical sprinklers, and flows by gravitational percolation, which promotes an intense oxygenation of the water and the evaporation of the carbon dioxide.

It has integrated a lamellar decanter, so no additional decantation of sludge is necessary, and these are extracted by pumping to a dehydration system or external tank.

sycon biological tower 100


  • Durable, prismatic construction
  • Can be surface mounted
  • It has integrated a lamellar sludge decanter, thus avoiding the need of this organ
  • Small dimensions, allowing easy transport and installation
  • Can integrate the compact WWTPs of any existing commercial system

Technical Characteristics

  • TREATMENT FLOW: 15 – 100 m3 / day
  • MODELS: BM SYCON®compact 100; 250; 500; 1000


  • As an aerobic reactor in Bluemater WWTP
  • As a biological reactor for other treatment solutions
  • In the treatment of urban, industrial and aquaculture wastewater
  • In upgrading existing WWTPs
  • Aquaculture
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