SYCON®water Biological Tower

The SYCON®water Biological Tower is a percolation reactor developed by Bluemater. It is filled with a percolation media and acts like a biological filter for the aerobic treatment of effluents. The highest efficiency is achieved when it’s filled with NATANTIA® Biocubes.

The SYCON® water biological tower is innovative and designed for the aerobic treatment of leachate and wastewater. It’s a biological percolation tower with a prismatic shape and with a configuration that allows optimum irrigation of the entire percolating bed, drastically reducing energy needs and space. It’s constructed of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and can be filled with NATANTIA® biocubes or other percolating beds available on the market. Its prismatic shape allows to increase the yield and facilitates the transport and installation, being able to be transported disassembled, and later assembled in the installation place.


  • Maximized irrigation area
  • Ideal treatment surface
  • Reduced installation space
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Modular and flexible design
  • Real-time monitoring and control

Technical Characteristics

  • Removal of COD, BOD5, nitrogen and other pollutants
  • Promotes nitrification
  • Promotes biological oxidation of organic matter
  • Optimized according to the effluent characteristics
  • Volume of 10 to 100 m³
  • It allows the modular installation of multiple towers, in series or in parallel
  • The tower can continue to function partially in case of maintenance or obstruction


  • Treatment of:
    • landfill leachate
    • industrial wastewater
    • domestic wastewater
    • municipal wastewater
  • Upgrade of existing WWTPs
  • Bioremediation of polluted waters
  • Aquaculture

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