Equipment Overview



ALGAMATER® wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) was designed by Bluemater to treat highly concentrated landfill leachates and industrial wastewaters.
algamater - wastewater treatment

VULCAN® Flotator

The VULCAN® Flotator incorporates an innovative foam liquefying system. It has been designed to avoid chemical usage. It can be effectively applied for sludge flotation, for Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) with ozone or another oxidant, and also as a biological filter.
SYCON®water Biological Tower

SYCON®water Biological Tower

The SYCON®water Biological Tower is a percolation reactor developed by Bluemater. It is filled with a percolation media and acts like a biological filter for the aerobic treatment of effluents. The highest efficiency is achieved when it’s filled with NATANTIA® Biocubes.

GREEN DUNE® Photobioreactor

GREEN DUNE® is a prismatic photobioreactor for microalgae culture that ensures a highly efficient final polishing at WWTP’s, bioremediation, CO2 capture or algae culture.
cork floating island - water pollution eco-efficient solutions

Cork Floating Island®

Developed by Bluemater in collaboration with Amorim Cork Composites, CORK FLOATING ISLAND® is specially designed for bioremediation in wetlands, rivers and dams but also used as phyto-based pond wastewater treatment and hydroponics.

BMcompact WWTP

The BMcompact WWTP is built in GRP and it’s based on the SYCON®compact Biological Tower, filled with the NATANTIA® Biocube, both Bluemater products.