BLUEMATER carried out more than 10 pilot and demonstration projects. We present a few of them on this page with a short description about the projects that validate the technologies that intent to solve part of the problems of environmental pollution, water quality, water scarcity and air pollution. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our other project, do not hesitate to contact us!

Sr.  Bacalhau Project I

The first BLUEMATER WWTP pilot was installed at the Brites, Vaz & Irmão S.A. factory, of the Sr. Bacalhau Group, in 2007 and resulted in a full scale WWTP that was already installed in the same factory in 2020-2021 and several others are being installed or in project. This WWTP consisted of a pilot of a complete BLUEMATER WWTP particularly with the first SYCON® Biotower.

BLUEMATER pilot plant installed in the Sr. Bacalhau factory

Sr. Bacalhau Project II

The first full scale BLUEMATER’s WWTP was installed at the Brites, Vaz and Irmãos S.A. factory under the FUNDO AZUL support program. It consists of the first phase of the factory’s WWTP to treat partially the effluent. The second phase was submitted to the EEA Grants.

BM Demo WWTP Phase 1

LIPOR Project

Between 2010 and 2012, a pilot was carried out to test the entire configuration of the BLUEMATER WWTP at the pilote scale for the first time. This WWTP was carried out at the LIPOR landfill in Ermesinde, Valongo, an enclosed landfill with old leachate where we could reach a very high COD removal.

high COD remove with BLUEMATERs WWTP

Refarma Project

BLUEMATER installed a pilot WWTP within the scope of the REFARMA project (Removal of Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater), in a hospital effluent, in partnership with VALORMED and HOSPITAL PEDRO HISPANO. In the constitution of this pilot WWTP there were some BLUEMATER technologies such as Biotower and microalgae tubular photobioreactors. In the picture on the right you can see the samples throughout the pilot WWTP.

Samples throughout the pilot WWTP

Caldeirinha’s Dock, in Lisbon: Bioremediation system

Developed by BLUEMATER in collaboration with Amorim Cork Composites, CORK FLOATING ISLAND®, is specially designed for bioremediation in wetlands, rivers and dams but also used as phyto-based pond wastewater treatment and hydroponics. 

The support structure is made of cork, which makes it sustainable and durable solution in the addition to create an aesthetically pleasing aspect. They can also be applied in pond wastewater treatment, replacing the plants that are traditionally planted in the bottom of the Phyto-WWTP tanks, avoiding the known problems of collapse of these systems, keeping them healthy and efficient. 

Regarding to our Cork Floating Island we have more implementations in the following locations:

  1. Estufa Fria’s Lake, in Lisbon: Bioremediation system
  2. Jardim da Estrela’s Lakes in Lisbon: Bioremediation system
  3. Parque da Quintas das Conchas e dos Lilases’ Lake in Lisbon: Bioremediation system
  4. Lourosa WWTP, in São Pedro do Sul: Secondary wastewater                    treatment using macrophyte species (left picture)
clork floating island in lourosa

Some complementary information about the location of our other installations:

  1. Socopão WWPTP (wastewater pre-treatment plant) in Padaria Ribeiro’s Factory, situated in Ermesinde
  2. Socopão bakery industrial effluent pre-treatment system consists of a Dissolved Air Flotator and an Ozonizer to treat fats and starches.
  3. Rompecilha WTP (water treatment plant) in São Pedro do Sul: designed to treat water for human consumption, consists in an automatic filter, oxidant injection and remineralization.
  4. Serrazes WTP in São Pedro do Sul
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