Wastewater treatment solutions - biological and compact

All BLUEMATER’s wastewater treatment solutions aim to displace traditional WWTPs which are still using chemicals to treat the water and have high OPEX. On the contrary, BLUEMATER’s technologies perform biological treatment without the need of chemicals, with low operating costs, in reduced areas due to its modular systems and allows for a real-time monitoring and control system. BLUEMATER matches perfectly with the needs of wastewater treatment and landfill leachate treatment.

Below you have an overview from our wastewater treatment solutions and further information of each product. If you have any question or are interested in our products – do not hesitate to contact us! Our experts advise you with pleasure.


ALGAMATER® wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) was designed by Bluemater to treat highly concentrated landfill leachates and industrial wastewaters.
algamater - wastewater treatment

VULCAN® Flotator

The VULCAN® Flotator incorporates an innovative foam liquefying system. It has been designed to avoid chemical usage. It can be effectively applied for sludge flotation, for Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) with ozone or another oxidant, and also as a biological filter.
SYCON®water Biological Tower

SYCON®water Biological Tower

The SYCON®water Biological Tower is a percolation reactor developed by Bluemater. It is filled with a percolation media and acts like a biological filter for the aerobic treatment of effluents. The highest efficiency is achieved when it’s filled with NATANTIA® Biocubes.

GREEN DUNE® Photobioreactor

GREEN DUNE® is a prismatic photobioreactor for microalgae culture that ensures a highly efficient final polishing at WWTP’s, bioremediation, CO2 capture or algae culture.
cork floating island - water pollution eco-efficient solutions

Cork Floating Island®

Developed by Bluemater in collaboration with Amorim Cork Composites, CORK FLOATING ISLAND® is specially designed for bioremediation in wetlands, rivers and dams but also used as phyto-based pond wastewater treatment and hydroponics.

BMcompact WWTP

The BMcompact WWTP is built in GRP and it’s based on the SYCON®compact Biological Tower, filled with the NATANTIA® Biocube, both Bluemater products.

Wastewater treatment solutions - FAQ

Industrial wastewater pollution is caused by the release of dangerous chemicals and other substances into water making it out of character for other resolutions and purposes. The biggest part of wastewater pollution is from city sewage and industrial waste discharged into the local rivers. Industrial wastewater has very variable composition depending on what the industries are producing. It can be extremely biodegradable or not at all. The main issue with industrial wastewater is the increasing volume of synthetic compounds. Often chemical and pharmaceutical production contain composts that need to be cleaned before being discharged into water bodies. Exists various types of industrial wastewater treatment methods, but choosing the best technically, financially and at the same time an environmentally friendly solution is always a challenge.

It is a matter of survival and health of fauna and flora when the wastewater is not properly treated. Especially because our earth is mainly made of water bodies and the wastewater pollution damages the wildlife in rivers, lakes and oceans which are a habitat of numberless of fishes, other animals and plants but also very important for the earth climate.

Industrial wastewater is one of the main sources and carriers of diseases. Excessive components such as Phosphorus and nitrogen (including ammonia) can cause eutrophication, or over-fertilization of receiving waters, which can be toxic to aquatic organisms, promote excessive plant growth, reduce available oxygen, harm spawning grounds, alter habitat and lead to a decline in certain species. Chlorine compounds and inorganic chloramines can be toxic to aquatic invertebrates, algae and fish. Bacteria, viruses and disease-causing pathogens can pollute beaches and contaminate shellfish populations, leading to restrictions on human recreation, drinking water consumption and shellfish consumption. Metals, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium and arsenic can have acute and chronic toxic effects on species.

Other substances such as some pharmaceutical and personal care products, primarily entering the environment in wastewater effluents, may also pose threats to human health, aquatic life and wildlife. The WHO (World Health Organization) for example reported that more than 3.4 billion people die each year from waterborne diseases. This is why wastewater treatment solutions are necessary before discharging these waters.

All parts of society and economic sectors will play a role – from the power sector to industry, mobility, buildings, agriculture and forestry. The EU can lead the way by investing into realistic technological solutions, empowering citizens and aligning action in key areas such as industrial policy, finance and research, while ensuring social fairness for a just transition.

BLUEMATER aims to be part of the solution to these problems, in a sustainable and eco-efficient basis, by deploying technologies that do not use chemicals, built on modular systems that can be retrofit, reducing up to 50% of OPEX (Operating Expenses) costs, complying with the current legislation and promoting a circular economy having a faster ROI (Return on Investment) as a result. BLUEMATER will contribute to the reduction of a fraction of environmental pollution, through the treatment of effluents and leachate, to a lesser deterioration of the quality of water bodies, treating discharges in these water bodies, to reduce water scarcity and treating certain effluents allowing these to be reused.

BLUEMATER has several technologies to respond to the problems mentioned above. BLUEMATER’s wastewater treatment plants have economic benefits and high efficiency with low footprint, making it possible to reduce environmental pollution, reduce the degradation of water quality and, also, reuse treated water. The main innovations related to the optimization of the biological treatment and the reduction in installation and operational costs compared to competing products on the market, allow us to develop ultra-compact WWTPs, both for the national market and for exportation.

Because of different wastewater compositions there are various types of wastewater treatments. In spite of that, the basic steps are similar:

  1. Screening (removing large pieces and items from the water)
  2. First clarification (to remove solid organic matter from the water)
  3. Aeration (to support conversion of NH3 to N03 and to give oxygen for bacteria to grow)
  4. Desinfection
  5. Discharge of the water


Products like our VULCAN Flotator function as a primary flotator and ozone reactor ( AOP treatment), for the primary treatment of the effluent. Another clarification to remove the organic sediments which results through chemical treatment is not needed because BLUEMATER wastewater treatments are working without chemical components. A secondary VULCAN® Flotator can eliminate biological sludge of the final treated water to obtain a clean effluent, after the secondary or tertiary treatment of the effluent. This module is already at industrial scale and is being integrated into new WWTP and to improve the efficiency of old WWTP.

More information about our products are on this website or do not hesitate to contact us!

BLUEMATER offers wastewater treatment solutions for different kind of company sizes, industry and needs. Most of our clients are:

  1. Corporste polluters in general (cement, pulp industries, food industry, etc.),
  2. Municipalities and domestic polluters;
  3. WWTPs:
  4. Landfills

We are very proud to offer the following Unique Selling Points (USPs):

  1. Chemical free – only using natural components
  2. Modular and space-saving architecture
  3. Lower opex and capex


BLUEMATER products are modular and have many advantages in the market, with sustainable solutions that make a circular economy with lower OPEX (Operating Expenses). Following extensive testing at diverse wastewater treatment plants, and guided by feedback from target clients, BLUEMATER’s breakthrough wastewater treatment can be integrated in most part of existing and future plants being the solution the market is looking for (unique and highly effective) and complying with the current regulations.

Industrial wastewater treatment solutions by BLUEMATER

BLUEMATER’s solutions seek to change the current paradigm of wastewater treatment through non-chemical biological treatments, promoting sustainability and reducing pollution resulting from human activities, with modular solutions that fit in most part the industry needs.

All our methods are inspired by nature. Our technology includes natural phenomena but we control and optimize those natural features.

If you have any questions or want to receive more information, please fill out our contact form and our experts will take care of your request as soon as possible.